Help! I’ve Been Locked Out of My Apartment! (Call a Locksmith!)

So, you finally come home after an incredible late night party in a slightly drunken state, walk up to the front door of your apartment and rummage your pocket or purse in search of your keys, but they are nowhere to be found. Did you lose them while dancing with the attractive person you’d met earlier in the evening?

Help! This can’t be happening to me…I’ve been locked out of my apartment!

Everything is in control. Breathe in. Breathe out.

No, nobody likes being locked out of their own apartment, but that’s something that will happen sooner or later. Do you have a handy spare key placed with a friendly neighbor or with your parents who live just a few blocks away? Maybe the spare key is with your grumpy landlord.

Then there’s nothing to worry about, you can find yourself a place to stay the night and visit them in the morning to ask for the spare key to the apartment. Just don’t call them now; nobody likes to be woken out of their sweet dreams by someone who’s half drunk late at night!

What if you don’t have a spare key? What if you really have to get into the apartment now, and can’t afford to wait any longer. Perhaps you have a client meeting in the morning and wouldn’t want to be late for that.

Okay, you will be tempted to do a lot of things. You will want to try to force open the lock, or climb in from an unlocked window, or something unconventional like that.
Avoid such desperate measures. You are not a locksmith, so don’t try to open the lock yourself. This requires professional expertise and the use of specialized locksmith equipment which you won’t have.

For one, when you try to force entry on your own using unconventional or even bizarre techniques, you may end up causing considerable damage to your property, which could cost you thousands of dollars to repair. Hiring an emergency locksmith would cost you between $150 and $300 only, depending on where you’re located and the time of the call.

You might end up incurring a serious injury as well, while attempting to enter the property. Do you really want to risk that? Call an locksmith service when you’ve been locked out!

Also, imagine someone sees you attempting to enter the apartment by force or through a window; they might mistake you for a burglar and call the police. Can you imagine the inconvenience that would case when the police arrive? Highly embarrassing, for sure!

So, don’t waste time thinking, just call 24/7 Express Locksmith. We are a leading full-service locksmith company. We offer 24/7 emergency locksmith services.

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