Types of Automotive Keys Every Car Owner Must Know

Car keys are an important asset of a car owner. Of course, the car is the most crucial asset. But the car owner must take care of this car keys too. Car keys are also known as automotive keys.

At times, there is a need to replace car keys. For instance, if the transponder does not work effectively, then car key must be changed. In case your keys are stolen, then you need the help of a locksmith to get new car keys. Obviously, it is the most difficult situation. Hence, a car owner needs to be aware of different types of automotive keys to avoid chaos and confusion.

Before we move ahead, it is necessary for the car owner to analyse his requirements and preferences. This detailed analysis will help him in buying a perfect ley for his automobile.

Following are different types of automotive keys:

Traditional key:

The most fundamental automotive key is the traditional key. Cars used in the previous days were operated using traditional keys. These cars didn’t require any kind of encoding. This key is developed using various machines such as machinery used for cutting metal, die punch or other mechanisms. Even a traditional key blank can be made into a traditional key.

Master key:

You must have heard about master key at several occasions. In the earlier days, cars were comprised with a master key. This key helped in developing replacement keys or copies of the same keys. However, these keys were not used under normal circumstances. It was very expensive to develop this master key. Moreover, misuse of master key led to reduced inclusion of this key. As a result, most of the cars today are not equipped with master key. In case you are purchasing a second-hand car, then it is necessary to check the manual to understand that the master key is included in the car or not.

Transponder key:

In order to enhance the security element of the traditional key, the manufacturers of the key industry developed the transponder key. This key has a unique feature as it has a microchip embedded in it. As a result, it weighs more than the traditional key in terms of security element. These keys are used since 1995. In 1999, another type of transponder key was introduced known as the rolling code key. Each time when someone uses the car, this key sends a new fresh code. This helps in providing more protection to the car.

Valet Key:

This type of automotive key is especially for valets. The car owner can give this key to the valet only for unlocking the doors and starting the car. Other functions are not performed by this key.

Smart key:

Yes, just like the smartphone, we also have a smart key for cars. There is no need to insert the key into the ignition for starting the car. It is within the limits of the car and can be used by press of a button.

Thus, a responsible car owner must know about different types of automotive keys. He should also try to keep an extra key to avoid chaos or confusion. Knowing a good automotive locksmith also helps to insure peace of mind.

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